Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Price lock the cost of your funeral

Planning for your funeral in advance is well worth thinking about; after all, when you pay for something, you like to know exactly what it costs.

With the average cost of a funeral rising year-on-year well above the rate of inflation (source), it makes perfect sense to lock the cost of your funeral at today’s prices – giving you, and your loved ones, peace of mind for the future.

Golden Charter

At Will Services Scotland we believe in offering our clients a service they can trust and can rely on; that is why we are an approved agent of Golden Charter.

Golden Charter work with over 3,000 independent funeral directors across the UK – Giving you the widest choice and a genuinely personal service for your family when it matters most.

4 funeral plans to choose from

Golden Charter offer a range of plans, with flexible payment options to suit your needs. You can choose the funeral that you want and fix the cost of the funeral director services included in the plan at today’s prices

Tailored to your needs

We understand that each client is unique and may have special requests for their funeral. Our trusted advisors are on hand to help tailor your plan to suit your own needs.

Contact Will Services Scotland to arrange your FREE home visit and no-obligation consultation with one of our trusted advisers.

Plan Comparison

Funeral Director's Services
included within your plan:
Provision of professional services and making all arrangements for the funeral
Advice on the certification and registration of the death and related documentation
The coffin (*1) Basic Simple High Quality Superior
Collection & transportation of the deceased to the funeral director's premises (within a 25 mile radius) Within working hours Within working hours 24 hours 24 hours
Care of deceased prior to burial or cremation (excluding embalming)
Use of chapel of rest or service rooms
Family viewing at any pre-arranged time (*2)
The funeral service at a local cemetery or crematorium
Funeral held on a normal weekday, during working hours
Choice of date and time of funeral
Funeral procession from home to funeral location (*3)
A hearse to local crematorium or cemetery
Provision of sufficient staff to attend to the coffin as required
Limousines One Two
Additional Benefits
An allowance included for third party costs (*4) £800 £1,100 £1,100 £1,100
A list provided to the family of mourners who sent flowers
24-hour funeral director telephone support for the bereaved


  1. All coffins will be wood-quality effect or better. Your funeral director will provide further guidance on the type of coffins available within your plan.
  2. Costs may apply if out-of-hours viewing is required.
  3. Fees and costs of a service at a separate location not included.
  4. Third party costs are essential costs such as local authority burial or cremation fees and of officiant or minister fees. These costs are outside the control of the funeral director but will be paid by them, to the third parties, at the time of the funeral. The Value Plan includes a £800 contribution towards these costs. The Standard, Select and Premier Plans include a £1,100 contribution towards these costs.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans don’t include the purchase of a burial plot. Should you choose burial instead of cremation the plans include an allowance towards the opening of a new or existing grave. The purchase of a grave and any monumental work would need to be arranged separately.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans
Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a membership pack with information about your plan, as well as your membership card. Once full payment is received you will gain your certificate along with a copy for your next of kin. If you choose to pay by fixed monthly payments your certificates will be sent once you have made 2 years continuous payments (relating to FMP only).

Yes – simply let us know who your preferred funeral director is during your application and Golden Charter will approach them on your behalf.

Tell us about any special wishes when you apply. If these involve additional costs you may be able to include these within the total cost of your plan.

No problem! If you complete the Plan holder’s Representative box on the application form, we will deal with you only, unless advised otherwise. If you choose to pay by fixed monthly payments, the UK insurance provider will contact the plan holder to advise them of the policy.Your Content Goes Here

Yes, it is possible to transfer your plan for use in the funeral of a spouse or other family member should they die before you provided the plan is paid in full. (Please note – this option is not available if you pay by Fixed monthly payments.)

In the unlikely event that your funeral director stops trading we will contact you to discuss other options.

When the time comes your family simply contact the funeral director and quote your plan number – your funeral director will take care of all the arrangements.

When traveling overseas it is recommended to take out travel or medical insurance that includes cover for repatriation costs back to the UK. Your funeral plan will cover the cost of transportation of the body from the relevant UK airport or port to the funeral director’s premises.

Your plan can easily be transferred to a different funeral director closer to your new address; this may incur additional costs.

This will depend on the type of payment option you have chosen. If you die before all instalments have been paid, any outstanding balance due for the funeral will be requested from your family or estate. Alternatively, the plan can be cancelled to refund instalments paid (less a cancellation fee). No refund available on fixed monthly payment.

Your family may have to wait several weeks for any Life Insurance to be paid out.

With a Funeral Plan in place it means:

  • the family gives us a call at the time of need and we take over from there.
  • family members do not need to chase payments as Golden Charter pay the funeral director direct (except for fixed monthly payments which will come from the UK life insurance company).
  • all your wishes are documented within your plan so your family won’t have the inconvenience of making arrangements at the time of need.
  • no-one needs to second guess how they think you would like your funeral to be carried out.

Savings may not give the return expected therefore may not cover funeral costs at the time of need. By planning it now there is peace of mind that you’re taking difficult decisions away from the people you care about – helping them at what will undoubtedly be a stressful time.Your Content Goes Here