Will Services across Central Scotland

Will Services across Central Scotland

Our trusted advisers are able to visit you at home or can discuss things over the phone at a time that suits you, including evenings.

Wills – Advice & Assistance

Choose where your assets go in the event of your death. List your own wishes instead of those determined by law.

Power of Attorney

Plan for someone else to manage your financial affairs and welfare in the event of you becoming incapacitated through illness.

Long-term Care Cost Planning

Plan for the eventuality of going into long term care and all the cost implications that may have.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Setup funeral arrangements in advance, relieving any worries and financial stress for your loved ones.


Maximise the benefits your estate can bring to your loved ones.

Tax Advice

Ensure you are aware of inheritance tax issues and are leaving your estate with maximum allowances.

Executry &

A complete service to wind-up your estate, at a time when administration can be daunting for loved ones.